Renfrew County United Way's "Days of Caring"

A Day of Caring is a volunteer opportunity like no other. It is a partnership between your United Way, United Way-funded and non-funded charities, and workplaces/employee groups wanting to provide a ‘hands-on’ day to complete a much needed project or conduct a special event for charitable or non-profit organizations.
What’s in it for my Charity?
By participating in Renfrew County United Way's "Days of Caring", your charity will receive assistance in completing a project that might not otherwise get done, while providing an opportunity to demonstrate the impact of volunteers in our community, and allow donors to see first-hand the services provided by the United Way and your agency.
What’s in it for my Workplace (business / organization)?
By participating in Renfrew County United Way's "Days of Caring", your employees can be brought together in new ways as everyone pitches in on a project that’s very different from your normal workday. It also can generate public visibility for your business /organization through media opportunities your presence in the community can create.
A Day of Caring brings everyone closer to community initiatives in a very real way and lets everyone see their donation “in action”.
What Makes a good Day of Caring Project/Event?
A good project/event should:
  • Have all details researched before selection;
  • Allow you to showcase your agency and your role in the community;
  • Educate participants about the issues facing members of the community, and in particular, those to whom your organization provides services;
  • Make a meaningful difference for the organization and especially for its clients;
  • Be fun!
Businesses are looking for projects that:
  • Provide opportunities for team building;
  • Allow their team to work as one large group;
  • Are aligned with the businesses’ community investment strategies;
  • Provide a boost to staff morale;
  • Provide visibility for their business.
Popular projects usually are:
  • Fun;
  • Involve some work outside;
  • Low to no cost; inexpensive;
  • Something that is a little different from employees’ everyday activities;
  • Can be completed in one day (4-5 hours);
  • Provide meaningful volunteer experience.
A good project application should:
  • Have a catchy and/or entertaining title and description;
  • Have clear project descriptions so teams can automatically see themselves doing the work;
What kind of projects/events?
  • painting and clean up;
  • yard work and landscaping or community clean up;
  • delivering groceries to isolated seniors;
  • fixing a play structure;
  • help host a holiday party, barbeque or picnic;
  • raise funds through a yard or garage sale;
  • have a workplace drive for new child appropriate toys, household goods and appliances, office supplies or other gifts-in-kind accepted by the United Way for re-distribution to those in need (Items not accepted include used cars, cell phones, used clothing, used toys, mattresses, and cribs;
  • putting on a show for a seniors’ residence.
Here’s How it Works
  • Local community agencies identify project needs to the United Way at least two months prior to the scheduled Day of Caring;
  • The United Way posts a project summary list on its website that identifies the host agency, the type of projects available and the number of volunteers requested by the agency;
  • Organizations/businesses identify their interest in participating in the Day of Caring to their local United Way, which links the organizations/businesses and project/events together and manages the process;
  • Your team spends a day working “on-site” on the project. The host agency provides all of the necessary supplies/materials.
By registering for the United Way Day of Caring, you will have agreed to the following terms and conditions:
“By agreeing to participate in the project that my company or organization has either registered for, or that has been assigned to them by Renfrew County United Way as part of Day of Caring,
  • You understand that in doing so you will fall under the direction and supervision of the agency for which the project is undertaken;
  • You understand and accept that Renfrew County United Way is the facilitator for Day of Caring and assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury as a result of my participation on that day;
  • You hereby give Renfrew County United Way permission to use photographs or any other visual media taken at Day of Caring for public relations and promotion in any of the following communications and fundraising publications;
    • Renfrew County United Way campaign materials
    • Media Relations
    • Renfrew County United Way annual report
    • Renfrew County United Way website
    • Renfrew County United Way newsletters
  • You are asked to commit to a project for the duration indicated in the project details;
  • As a volunteer, you are responsible for your own transportation to and from the project/event.”
Sponsorship and Gift-in-Kind Opportunities
To help our agencies offset material costs, the following examples of donations are always appreciated:
  • Paint and painting supplies
  • Building materials
  • Gardening supplies (soil, flowers & plants)
  • Financial sponsorship, i.e. provide lunch for the volunteers
The first annual Days of Caring in Renfrew County will take place on June 1st & 2nd, 2012.
Sign Me Up!
Interested in registering a project or volunteering on Renfrew County United Way's "Days of Caring"? Please let us know how you would like to get involved. Contact us directly or register on line (Charity Project).   Register on line (Workplace Volunteers).
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